Matthias Wenzlaff  has been in touch.  His grandfather was the Erwin Schmidt, Obermachinist.  He says:

Hello over there....
my grandfather was "Obermaschinist" on U 1206.. and i'am really interessed in everthing about the boat. When i was 15 or maybe 16 years old, he told me the story about his time in war.. i cant belive you found his boat..! I found an older version of your homepage.. and wrote and email to Roger.. well, after that i found out that you have already presented an very good story on this homepage. It would be great to get in contact with you..

he was a War Prisoner (i think he was in London from 1945-1948) and returned to Germany in May 1948. I have seen a small photo a few years ago in a photoalbum of my mother.. it shows my Grandpa and some of his friends doing his „job“ as a Warprisoner… defusing Mines on the English Beach.. J Anyway.. my Grandpa died 20 years ago, and i can remember, that he often told me the story about how he left U1206 in a rescue boat and how he was picked up by a English Boat.. i think he was always talking it was an English destroyer. He was also always pretty amused about the way how an friend of him (he was with him in the rescue boat) was talking to the Guard on Duty that he have to go to a toilete immediately. But the English soldier can’t understand and so the friend of my Grandfather just dropped his pants down.. and then the guy understands what he wants from him.. J Funny..