Dorothy, daughter of George Clifford Barrett who was lost on the HMS Flotta has sent a picture of the plaque she has created in honour of her father using the ship's makers plate which we sent to her in western Australia.   Looks brilliant Dorothy, and thanks for sending the picture of it.
Too windy to launch this weekend, will have to wait until Rog gets back onshore from latest trip.  Spent the weekend updating the blog based upon mails received from crew relatives and added a picture of William Cowe, skipper of Adventure II to the site.
After over a year we are ready to relaunch the Buchan Elle.  She has been out of the water for a significant service and to replace the ageing anti-foul which was slowing her down (and requiring us to scrub her hull every couple of months).  Hope to get her relaunched next weekend and get back into some exploration.  Plan to find and dive the Trevorian, revisit the U1206 and spend some time searching for the deeper wrecks further out.