Thought we'd finally found the Malmland today at 57 42.045N 01 43.885W - looked like a wreck on the sounder - and in the right area, seven miles east of Cairnbulg.  MikeW & JimB dived and found a large rocky outcrop in 69 meters - needless-to-say, they didn't stay long.  Not much to see on video footage, however the sound of a nearby scallop dredger could be clearly heard.

Back in 2010, again when looking for the Malmland we found a monster rock 10 meters high, 20 meters wide & 90 meters long at 57 37.445N 01 38.035W

Oh well, still have another mark for the Malmland to check out - however it's in 89 metres.
We found the remains of the Aberdeen steam trawler Lochnagar today - not much left of her, she went down over a hundred years ago in 1909.  She's four miles east of Buchan Ness in 63 mts (it was 67 mts to seabed today).

See 'The Wrecks' for details.