Just completed an extremely successful 10 days diving on our NE shipwreck heritage.  The weather and visibility was fine allowing us to take our pick of the local wreck and dive three new marks.  We finally dived the Trsat after many years of avoiding her due to a mistaken belief that she was upside-down (she’s not upside-down but largely buried in sand).  We dived the Remuera, but in poor vis for the year, had a fantastic dive on the Simonburn in 20m visibility, enjoyed old favourites like the Cairnmona and dived two new wrecks 12-16miles offshore.  We found, dived and identified the Subworker (a dumb steam dredger, remarkably intact for her 100 years submerged) in 86m and had an exciting dive in a spring tide at 96m on the wreck we believe to be the  cargo liner, Cape York.  We also explored the “Hit or Miss” mark and discovered that she is no less than 3 different shipwrecks, 3 wrecks in one dive!