Received a lovely note from Carole Leahey, the niece of  William Thomas Davies who was on-board the HMT Ormonde when she was lost in February 1941. 

She says:

I received a link to your website from my daughter who knows that an uncle of mine was aboard the Ormonde, he was William Thomas Davies and was the youngest brother of my late father , I never knew him as I was born in 1948, but we had a framed photograph of him at home in his sailors uniform, his name is on the war memorial in Lowestoft , we have visited it as we now live in East Anglia area,although we are from Liverpool which is where Uncle Bill was obviously from , he was I'm told a talented player of the accordion and on one of his last visits home entertained all on the Mersey Ferry on the way home from a day out . It was really interesting to read the account and sad to know that there were no survivors not surprising on such a small ship. It must have been heartbreaking for my grandmother who also lost some cousins on the Benares 2 children aged 5 and 9 on the way to 'safety in Canada' but the ship was torpedoed. I have read the account in a book by Ralph Barker called Children of the Benares. Thanks for all your obvious hard work,