Too windy to launch this weekend, will have to wait until Rog gets back onshore from latest trip.  Spent the weekend updating the blog based upon mails received from crew relatives and added a picture of William Cowe, skipper of Adventure II to the site.
New photos added for Adventure, Anvers, Atland & Simonburn
Added Jim's video taken on the wreck of the Simonburn last July.
Some minor changes & re-formatting.  Location for the Lochnagar corrected - thanks to Ian Crawford (Argyll Shipwrecks & Clyde Shipwrecks) for noticing the typo.
More wrecks added: Cairnmona, Ethel Gwendoline, Kildale, Ormonde, Simonburn, Svarton & Tynemouth Castle
More videos added:  Kildale, Mercator, Svarton, Taylor & Tynemouth Castle

Unfortunately the videos for the Wrangler & Charles Goodanew won't play on iPads or mobile phones - this is because of copywrite restrictions for the music soundtracks.  They will play on PC.

Not going to change the soundtracks - like the music too much!
Anvers & Charles Goodanew (with video) added plus videos for Bretagne & Wrangler.
A number of wrecks have now been added to the site - Atland, Bretagne, Mercator, Sophie Bakke, Taylor, Windward Ho & Wrangler.