Anvers & Charles Goodanew (with video) added plus videos for Bretagne & Wrangler.


28/05/2015 11:58am

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20/09/2016 3:44pm

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04/02/2017 11:11am

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07/04/2017 8:58pm

I miss for a new videos and info. You should write more often!

10/05/2017 3:24am

Thank you for this update! I am just wondering what the video is all about. Can you please put some information about that video? To the clueless readers who do not have any idea about this matter, we'll feel alienated with this post. At the same time. I am not familiar with Anvers and Charles Goodanew. How I wish you could have posted a bit of background information about them!

20/05/2017 5:55am

Thanks for posting such good content

30/06/2017 1:57pm

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